Rise in migrant workers’ death

Rise in migrant workers' death
Rise in migrant workers' death

Beanibazarview24.com Desk, 20 Dec 2016,

t is depressing to note that over the last decade the number of Bangladeshi migrant workers who have died abroad has witnessed an alarming rise. Disturbingly, bodies of 3,211 such hapless victims have arrived home this year alone. That most of these men and women were below 40, at the prime of their youth, makes the deaths unacceptable.

There is no denying that unskilled Bangladeshi migrant workers have to grapple with an array of physical and mental sufferings as a consequence of debt originating from high migration cost, low income and unfavourable working conditions. These ill-starred souls have to live on a poor diet, which, coupled with long working hours and a perennial anxiety have an adverse effect on their health. The prevalence of stroke or heart attack among such group of workers is a testimony to that.

Remittance, especially the kind sent by the country’s extraordinarily resilient migrant workers, has long been the financial barometer of this country. It is a contributing factor in our growth and accounts for a large part of our foreign exchange reserve. Not only that, their blood, sweat and tears have been instrumental in some major changes that we now witness in our social fabric.

We find it beyond our grasp as to why the ministry concerned has not taken any concentrated steps to stop these avoidable deaths. We believe that it is incumbent upon the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment to probe into the untimely deaths and chalk out ways to prevent such tragedies from happening.