93.37% pass JSC in Sylhet Board

93.37% pass JSC in Sylhet Board
93.37% pass JSC in Sylhet Board

Beanibazarview24.com Desk, 29 Dec 2016,

More than 90% examinees have passed the Junior School Certificate (JSC) and Junior Dakhil Certificate (JDC) examinations this year in Sylhet Education Board.

A total of 93.37% students came out successful in the class VIII terminal examinations. A total of 10,255 students gained GPA 5.

Controller of Sylhet Education board  Samsul Islam will formally announce the results at a press briefing in his Office conference room around 12pm. As many as 1,30,703 students from appeared in this year’s examinations. The number of JSC examinees is 1,30,703 Of them, 68,786 are males while 53,248 are females.


  1. Charbonneau inquiry hears design workers got two years

    MONTREAL A group of 12 unionized crane operators collected paycheques for two years to watch television for computer, Play control cards, And even to stay home while they weren’t qualified to work on highly specialized cranes, The Charbonneau returns heard Monday.

    the workers were even paid double time on weekends and an hour and a half of travel time each day, Even though in some cases, they didn’t bother to show up for work.

    Comeau said the employees were assigned to supervise six German crane operators brought in by Germany based company Bauer, Which won the contract to build a wave power dam on the Pribonka River, in the middle of 2005 and 2007.

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    the workers were paid by Bauer, Which transferred the [url=https://www.flickr.com/idateasiagirls]idateasia fake[/url] bill to Hydro Qubec.

    “Hydro Qubec cancelled its eyes, To the outcome, Comeau cited.

    The property, Near Lac St Jean in Quebec’s Saguenay areas, Required the use of distinct cranes, Which Bauer only allowed workers it certified to operate. thence, About 100 workers from Germany were made possible to work on the project. This lead to a revolt by unionized workers, Who saw this as German workers stealing their jobs. there were many instances where unionized workers used “ingenious” Tactics to reduce the work, he was quoted saying.

    Hydro Qubec negotiated a deal with executives from the Quebec Federation of Labour for labour peace by agreeing that each three cranes would be operated by one German worker and two unionized “observers, On 12 hour work day, 24 hours every, mainly weekends. Several workers were sent back to Germany because. The observers weren’t allowed anywhere near the technical cranes, But they were still paid the normal rate of crane operators in the province: in the middle of $82,000 in addition $92,000 this yethat ar.

    Comeau said two employees told him they stayed home on several weekends, But continued to earn their double time pay. on most, about the other hand, They stayed in the trailers of the construction site, viewing television, going to bed, Reading and getting referrals.

    Comeau was testifying Monday on the part of witnesses who were afraid to appear before the commission for fear of reprisal. Two witnesses are hoped for to corroborate his testimony this week.

    ‘Hydro Qubec closed down its eyes’

    The issue of labour peace came up too many times during Comeau’s first day of testimony.

    He spoke of a project that went unbelievably [url=http://www.thdating.com/]idateasia review[/url] well, to set up the second phase of the Alouette aluminum plant in Sept les. The contract was received by Simard Beaudry, The organization owner owned by Tony Accurso. It was completed several weeks ahead of schedule, Because applicators “acquired” time peace.

    Witnesses told Comeau that workers in the project would submit extra sums of money of between $15,000 so $50,000, Often by means false invoices. The money apparently went to union workers.

    Another witness told Comeau that a union rep of FTQ Construction told the owners of Alouette that they would have to hire Simard Beaudry or they wouldn’t be able to find any workers for the project.

    The commission also heard at length about the strongman for FTQ construction in the North Shore, Bernard Gauthier, Who was widely known as “Rambo,

    Rambo well ruled with an iron fist, With the opportunity to slow down construction sites when things didn’t go the union’s way.

    a single project, A $5 billion wave power dam in the Romaine River in the Saguenay, Was tangled up with work stoppages. Rambo was said to have organized major interferences and protests. as an example, If one worker had to urinate during a bus ride to a structure site, All the workers would get off the bus and take a break. He said a 20 minute ride could also take more than an hour and a half. clearly there was also rampant equipment sabotage, The commission fee heard.

    Rambo got workers from rival unions fired in favour of ones from FTQ Construction, And he appropriately pressured companies to rehire workers fired for incompetence.

    with such tactics, Comeau said contractors accepted that labour in Quebec’s northern coast would cost 20 to 30 per cent more than elsewhere in the province. No one seemed to want to challenge this feature. He said workers realized it was cheaper to pay off the unions than to endure work stoppages.

    this review originally appeared in the Montreal Gazette

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    MH370 pilots gave no hint all things wrong in final words from cockpit, But landline calls system already disabled

    Ukraine decries referendum ‘circus’ as Crimea votes on combining ‘motherland’ Russia

    Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 investigators forced to consider chance for pilot suicide

    Manitoba man arrested for distracted driving after video shows him aimlessly pull in front of speeding truck

    Ford Nation decides to launch vicious attack on new political target Hollywood’s Kevin Spacey

    Embattled Alberta Premier Alison Redford emerges from ‘no holds barred’ Tory meeting with PC party’s supportLotto Max numbers for Friday, March 14, 2014.

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